Below Average Rainfall in Musgrave


In the document ‘Musgrave Prescribed Wells Area groundwater monitoring status report 2002’ by Scott Evans (DWLBC) October 2002 section on ‘CLIMATE’ (page 5 see below) refers to three rainfall stations “as representative of the rainfall pattern” in the Musgrave PWA (see below).



The average (mean) from the Official Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website up to this Current year 2013 for the three rainfall stations (mentioned in the above 2002 document) are tabled below.

Ellison Post Office (18069)



Polda Basin (Gum View) (18139) (Bear in mind this station closed in 2005)



Lake Hamilton (18045)        



The figures (above) of the average monthly and annual rainfall from the official website (2013) have been superimposed in red on the table below by us. The figures in black are from the 2002 Government document by Scott Evans (mentioned above).



Conclusion—— From the Government Documentation (BOM) there is NO evidence whatsoever of rainfall trending below average from 2002 to 2013. The averages over the ten-year period hardly altered from the long-term averages.

So why are the groundwater levels decreased so much over that period.

It is quite simple. They have been over extracted to such a point that the water levels in monitored bores are metres below their historical levels when ONE GOOD WINTER would fill these basins, the water would lie on the surface in certain locations and allow rejuvenation of young red gums.

Tragically a number of these bores have gone dry. Now the EPNRM wish to remove all these dry bores.




IS IT TO REMOVE EVIDENCE THAT THE BASIN IN CERTAIN BORES HAS RUN DRY? (Relevant documentation can be provided to the NR Committee if required)


On page 84 of the ‘Eyre Peninsula Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Scoping Study’ it states the




The rate of extraction employed at Polda has clearly shown that the extraction was not ecologically sustainable and has to be a restoration to environmentally- sustainable levels of extraction

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