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Details surrounding the Eyre Peninsula Water Action Plan

                  Your Water Allocation Plan   It is the intention of the EP Water Action Group (EPWAG) to produce a People’s Water Allocation Plan (WAP) that both provides the community with sufficient water and ensures that our basins are maintained in an ecologically sustainable condition from now on.   It […]

People’s WAP

The Proposed Water Allocation Plan (WAP) As at the end of October 2014, no one from the community has seen the proposed WAP. Criticism of it is based on two Consultative meetings with the NRM Board and contributors to the WAP, held in Port Lincoln (October 13,) and Elliston (October […]

Proposed WAP

 LETTER TO PORT LINCOLN  SEEKING DELAY OF WAP   Members of the community have established the EP – Water Action Group and seek to have a better standard of water management in our region through community involvement. Perhaps the most important process in which the community can participate in water […]

Delay of WAP