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Letters to the Editor



Congratulations! The EP NRM Board is celebrating its 10th Birthday (PLT 9/7/15). The comments accompanying the announcement however did not do justice to the Board’s operations.

For example, I saw no mention of the public outrage that accompanied the Presiding Member’s recommendation that the NRM levy be trebled – it clogged up the Letters to the Editor for weeks.

What about Polda? Despite desperate pleas from local landholders, they were ignored by the Board and – it went dry!! It has now been closed off –permanently.

Then there is on the ongoing saga of community consultation. The Board started with four regional Community Advisory Committees, but they were dispensed with within 2 years. This was followed by the promise to replace them with two new Advisory Committees – nothing happened. Then in 2010 two advisory committees were set up to contribute to the drafting of the next Water Allocation Plan (WAP). They didn’t last two years either before being summarily dismissed.

2012 saw the commencement of the Parliamentary Inquiry into water management on EP. Their submission claimed that the management of water on EP was going well! Their glowing presentation made some members of the Inquiry question whether there was any need for one!

Few people seem to have noticed that the second Presiding Member was dismissed from her position recently – with no true explanation.

 And now the community has been asked to make submissions on a Draft WAP that has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese – hence the delay for another 3 months?

Congratulations to the Board in surviving 10 years!

To avoid a similar list in ten years, I offer three suggestions: (1) get at least 7 members appointed to the Board by the community (with or without the Minister’s approval being required); (2) appoint a permanent Community Advisory Committee; (3) require all Board members and staff to undertake supervised training on the legal requirements of the NRM Act and be familiar with what ecologically sustainable development means.

                                                                                                            D. John Hunwick

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