The Dishonesty of John Ringham (CEO of SA Water)   In his submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry, John Ringham, Chief Executive of SA Water, refuted claims that “the lower water levels in Polda Basin have been caused by SA Water over-pumping from the basin.” (Sub 34). He stated: “Good 2010 […]

Dishonesty of John Ringham

BELOW AVERAGE RAINFALL IN THE SOUTHERN BASINS (WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?)   In the document called the ‘Southern Basins Prescribed Wells Area Groundwater Monitoring Status Report 2002’ (DWLBC Report) by SCOTT EVANS October 2002, it states that the three rainfall stations selected “as representative of the rainfall pattern throughout the area” […]

Below Average Rainfall in the Southern Basins

BELOW AVERAGE RAINFALL IN MUSGRAVE BASINS (WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?) In the document ‘Musgrave Prescribed Wells Area groundwater monitoring status report 2002’ by Scott Evans (DWLBC) October 2002 section on ‘CLIMATE’ (page 5 see below) refers to three rainfall stations “as representative of the rainfall pattern” in the Musgrave PWA (see […]

Below Average Rainfall in Musgrave

Setting the Scene   Prior to 2013 the monitoring of our groundwater basins has revolved around the rainfall, the amount of water extracted and the standing water level. While all three factors can be measured it is extremely difficult to relate them to each other. Firstly, the rainfall that recharges […]

Rainfall, Extraction and Standing Water Level Part 1

Rainfall, Extraction and Standing Water Level         Part 2 The Scott Evans Position In his presentation to the Parliamentary Inquiry, Evans sought to provide an overview of the Southern Basins and an introduction to its management. He expressed the management approach in the following way:  “The management concept was that […]

Rainfall, Extraction and Standing Water Level Part 2

                  Your Water Allocation Plan   It is the intention of the EP Water Action Group (EPWAG) to produce a People’s Water Allocation Plan (WAP) that both provides the community with sufficient water and ensures that our basins are maintained in an ecologically sustainable condition from now on.   It […]

People’s WAP

Demise of Uley-Wanilla Basin (Short Version)   Water was first extracted from the Uley-Wanilla Basin for our public water supply in 1949.   The map below is from the Southern Basins Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan, showing the location and extent of Uley-Wanilla Basin in the year 2000.   […]

Decline of Uley-Wanilla Basins

The Proposed Water Allocation Plan (WAP) As at the end of October 2014, no one from the community has seen the proposed WAP. Criticism of it is based on two Consultative meetings with the NRM Board and contributors to the WAP, held in Port Lincoln (October 13,) and Elliston (October […]

Proposed WAP

A copy of this letter and attachments were sent to every Member of Parliament in the South Australian Government 10/5/2014   Dear Name,     I am writing to you on behalf of the Eyre Peninsula Water Action Group regarding the response from the Minster of Water, Hon Ian Hunter, […]

Abhorant treatment of community by SA Govt.