People W.A.P

                  Your Water Allocation Plan


It is the intention of the EP Water Action Group (EPWAG) to produce a People’s Water Allocation Plan (WAP) that both provides the community with sufficient water and ensures that our basins are maintained in an ecologically sustainable condition from now on.


It is being called a “people’s WAP but to be a truly people’s WAP it needs the ideas and input from as many people as possible and that includes you.


To achieve the best possible plan, EP WAG is setting up a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) through which anyone who wants to can make a contribution. Informal meetings will be held at the time(s) selected by those who reply and will probably start in January (second week?).


You do not need to be an expert in water and/or its management but have experiences and ideas (or just a willingness to help). If you want to contribute WE WANT YOU!


You can signal your interest by phoning John (the Secretary of EPWAG) and leave your name and details by which to you can be contacted.


As the “people’s WAP develops, regular updates will be posted on our website, along with further invitations for you to join in.


John 0427 720 021.